About RPGLink

RPGLink: The Community for the RPG Community

What is RPGLink?

RPGLink is an association of websites with a common goal: the continued success and survival of text-based RPGs on the internet.  Many RPGs come and go, especially those based upon the Legend of the Green Dragon.  Historically, these sites operate between 6 months to three years, on average.  Our strategy is to increase the longevity and replay factor of these sites by constantly adding creative features or events, which help keep the ideas fresh, the playerbase lively, and the overall community vital.

What are the benefits of joining RPGLink?

  • Low-cost, high speed hosting on our dedicated server
  • Free *.rpglink.in URL
  • Installation support from the ground up
  • Coding services
  • Staff training services
  • Dedicated IRC server
  • Shoutcast streaming radio services
  • Support from the entire RPGLink family

Who is RPGLink?

RPGLink was founded by experienced site coder and administrator HunterD, along with a team of site owners and staffers in late 2012.  Since then, RPGLink has grown to include many of the most popular LoGD sites on the internet today.  RPGLink is not just LoGD hosting… we are proud to host websites for international and local relief organizations.

RPGLink’s Very Own Cards Against Humanity Server – cards.rpglink.in

Kahlan’s Sanctuary – http://lotgd4adults2.com

The Legend of Nathyrnn – http://www.nathyrnn.com

RPGLink Radio and Media Services – http://radio.rpglink.in

Age of Mages RPG  – http://ageofmages.net

The Legend of Aljerer – http://aljerer.rpglink.in

Reign of Darkness – http://www.reignofdarknessrpg.com

Deathstar – Star Wars Online RPG – http://deathstar.rpglink.in

Silverwine RPG – http://www.silverwine.org

Shadow Realms RPG – http://www.shadowrealmsrpg.com

Storm Valley RPG – http://stormvalley.rpglink.in

Elysium RPG – http://elysiumrpg.com

Corps Saint Lazarus International – Lazarus Union – USA Command – http://lazarus-union-usa.org

Florida Digital Amateur Radio Network – http://www.fdarn.com

Coming Soon…

Final Frontier RPG – http://ff.rpglink.in for previews only

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